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2021 Cycle Application Step by Step

An AIMG Program application requires

  • Submission of the online AIMG Program application
  • Submission of the supporting documents package and
  • Sharing of profile and documents sharing through
A new application must be submitted for each AIMG Program cycle that the applicant wishes to be considered. Applications are not rolled forward from cycle to cycle.

It is advisable to start the application process early to avoid difficulties in completing your application, e.g. to ensure enough time is available to book an English Language Proficiency (ELP) test to receive official results in advance of the submission deadline.

NOTE: Online application and document submission deadlines are strictly observed. Refer to Important Dates and Deadlines for the relevant assessment cycle.

Print, carefully review and complete required forms for application submission.

NOTE: Incomplete forms, forms from previous cycles or incorrectly completed forms will cause an application to be deemed incomplete and the applicant INELIGIBLE to proceed in the current cycle.


Click on "Login" (red button, upper right of screen) to go to the online application portal.  The first time you visit the portal, select ‘Create a Profile’ and register for a user name, password and ID number.

Once your registration is confirmed, you can sign in and add or update information in your user profile through the ‘Maintain Profile’ feature.  NOTE: the user profile form is NOT the application form.

During the application open period, sign in and select ‘Start Application’. Answer the Program eligibility questions and complete the form. Review your application and ‘Submit application' (red button, bottom of form). Do not forget to submit your application. 

Online Application User Guide
  • Assemble required forms and paper supporting documents into a single “supporting documents package”.
  • Complete documents as requested, observing notarization timelines.

NOTE: Application packages containing documents not properly completed, containing illegible photo images and/or missing required information and attachments will be deemed incomplete and the applicant INELIGIBLE to proceed in the current cycle.

Obtain a bank draft or money order in Canadian funds PAYABLE TO the University of Calgary in the amount of three hundred and fifty Canadian dollars (C$350).

All applicants to the AIMG Program are required to pay the NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of C$350.

This fee covers processing of your application and supporting documents.  Payment must be included and received by the July 31 2020 Supporting Documents upload deadline.
  • The full fee is due and must be included as a single payment. Please send via courier (Purolator/Fedex/Canada Post) so payment can be tracked for it's delivery status. 
  • The fee is only payable with a Canadian bank draft or money order made payable to the University of Calgary in Canadian currency.
  • Personal cheques are NOT accepted.
  • No receipts will be issued. It is the applicant’s responsibility to retain copies before submitting the fee.
  • This fee does not qualify as tuition. No T2202A will be issued.

NOTE: Application packages that do not include the required application fee in the form of a bank draft or money order in Canadian currency will be deemed incomplete and the applicant INELIGIBLE to proceed in the current cycle. If you do not have easy access to a Canadian banking institution you may need to investigate alternate processes to obtain the proper form of payment. These processes can significantly add to the time required to assemble your supporting documents package, so please plan accordingly. 

Ensure your profile and all required documents have been granted sharing through to the AIMG Program. Your profile and documents must be shared on or before the online application close deadline and remain shared until CaRMS match day.  For further information on sharing documents, visit

NOTE: If sharing is not granted to the AIMG Program, the application will be deemed INCOMPLETE and the applicant INELIGIBLE for further assessment.

Ensure that all required paper supporting documents listed on the AIMG Program Applicant Checklist are in your package. Use a trackable delivery service to send your document package, including application fee payment, to the AIMG Program office. Retain your copy of the shipping receipt.

NOTE: Only packages received by the AIMG Program office or those whose tracking history show receipt by the University of Calgary by the supporting documents package deadline will be presented to the File Review Committee.

Your application package will be reviewed by the AIMG Program File Review Committee (FRC) for completeness and demonstration of the eligibility requirements.  Failure to meet the exact requirements set out will result in your application being rejected in its entirety.

NOTE: The AIMG Program FRC determines eligibility to continue in the assessment process. Refer to Program Cycle and Important Dates and Deadlines. Decisions of the FRC are final.

Once deemed eligible to proceed to further AIMG Program assessments, apply through CaRMS for the R-1 Main Residency Match. Detailed instructions are provided on the CaRMS website. For assistance with your CaRMS application, contact the CaRMS Help Desk

Program descriptions for R-1 Main Residency Match positions available for this cycle can also be found on the CaRMS website.