2025 Cycle: Eligibility & Supporting Documents are Now Posted. | 2025 Important Dates & Deadlines are Now Posted.

Eligibility & Supporting Documents Requirements

Eligibility & Supporting Documents

Learn about the required qualifications, educational and professional requirements, language proficiency, and other essential documents for applying.

The following is the list of eligibility and supporting document requirements for all applicants to the Alberta International Medical Graduate (AIMG) Program. 

To complete the 2025 Cycle application, all of the following is required:

  • Submission of the online AIMG Program application
  • Submission of the supporting documents via upload
  • Sharing of profile and documents through PhysiciansApply

Supporting documentation is comprised of documents which substantiate the information provided by the applicant on the AIMG Program online application Profile.

Please Note: All forms for the AIMG Program 2024 Application Cycle are no longer available.
Forms for the 2025 Application Cycle will be available within 1 to 4 weeks of the opening of the online application. See Important Dates and Deadlines for 2025 Cycle dates, including online application opening date. Changes to Information should be noted on your online applicant profile page.

Note: Meeting the AIMG Program eligibility requirements listed here, in addition to successfully completing a 2025 Cycle MMI, will allow candidates to participate in the 2025 CaRMS match for IMG-designated residency positions in Alberta. Residency programs may ask for additional criteria over and above the AIMG Program eligibility requirements. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure these have been met.

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Applicants should confirm that they meet the intake criteria for Alberta IMG-designated positions through CaRMS before initiating an AIMG Program application.

Please be familiar with the Application Process and The Fine Print (Terms and Conditions, Rules of Conduct, and Application Fee), Document Notarization, and these Eligibility and Supporting Document Requirements before preparing an application.

Administrative Exceptions: It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their supporting documentation substantiates the information provided on their AIMG Program online application form. Any exceptions to the supporting document requirements described for each eligibility requirement as well as any inconsistencies within the applicant's supporting documents must be identified and addressed through the online survey provided on the Administrative Exceptions page which is available from May 01, 2024 @ 9:00 AM MT - May 26, 2024 @ 3:30 PM MT.

There is no need to request an administrative exception prior to application for the 2025 Cycle.