2025 Cycle: Eligibility & Supporting Documents are Now Posted. | 2025 Important Dates & Deadlines are Now Posted.

Document Notarization

Applicants to all cycles are permitted to have required essential supporting documents completed by either a Notary Public or a Commisioner for Oaths.  This includes the required documents as stated below.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure documents have been accurately notarized/commissioned, the notary/commissioner is in good standing, and date boundaries are adhered to.

The following documents are the only documents that require verification through notarization or commission for this application period:

  • Verification of Identity Form
  • Residence in Alberta Statutory Declaration
    • Document verification must be done in the Province of Alberta during the current application period.
    • This is imperitive to prove eligibility of resience in Alberta for the 24-week period.
    • This document is an attestation that an applicant has been actively living and participating in Alberta-based activities for the period in question.

The following documents no longer need to be notarized but must be added to your AIMG Program account and uploaded via the Supporting Documents upload by the stated deadline.  In addition, your PhysiciansApply accounts must be shared with the AIMG Program by the stated deadline:

  • Proof of legal name change,
  • Alberta post-secondary institution transcript, if original is not provided
  • Canadian Passport*
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate, or Canadian Citizenship Card,
  • Permanent Resident Card* (front and back)
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence*

*Valid for the current period of residence in Alberta.

Furthermore, the following documents will no longer need to be notarized.  These documents must be uploaded via the Supporting Documents upload:

  • Alberta Driver’s Licence,
  • Alberta non-operator’s Identification (ID) Card,
  • Alberta Personal Health Card

The Law Society of Alberta has approved, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of remote commissioning of affidavits to allow accommodations for people who, due to medical reasons, cannot be physically present together.

Please see information provided on the website for the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

Note: These updates were an accommodation for the 2021 and 2022 Cycles and are currently continued into further cycles.

I am completing my final year of medical studies outside of Canada and Canadian consular officials no longer provide document certification services, what can I do?

ONLY for final year medical students completing their studies outside of Canada who do not have access to an Alberta notary public or an Alberta commissioner for oaths – the AIMG Program accepts certification of the Applicant Identity Verification Form from the officials below if it is within their mandate and they offer these services:

  • Authorized representatives at the Dean or at the Registrar offices of the candidate’s faculty (school) of medicine
  • Officials at any embassy or consulate
  • Notary public
  • Lawyers (member of an official bar association)
  • First-class magistrates, judges/justices of the peace
  • Commissioner for Oaths (provided that they have an official government agency appointment and an ENGLISH or FRENCH stamp or seal)