AIMG Application Checklist

AIMG Applicant Checklist - to be uploaded May 2020

AIMG Forms & Documents

  • Applicant Identify Verification Form - to be uploaded May 2020
  • Alberta Residency Statutory Declaration - to be uploaded May 2020
  • Change of Information Form
  • Sample Name or Signature Variance

AIMG Information & Sample Letters

Alberta Residency (Option C proof)

A.  Alberta Letter of Employment *Letters to be written in May 2020        
  • Alberta Letter of Employment Guidelines
  • Sample Letter of Employment

B.  Alberta Residency Information for Guarantors and Guarantor Letter *Letters to be written in May 2020.
  • What is a guarantor?
  • Alberta Residency Guarantor Letter Guidelines
  • Sample Guarantor Letter

C.  Information for Educational Institution Letter *Letters to be written in May 2020.   

  • Education Institution Letter Guidelines
  • Education Institution Letter Sample Not Available - letters are institution specific