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Clinical Assessment Placement

Clinical Assessment Program (CAP)

An additional evaluation opportunity available to a limited number of applicants who don’t match residency positions in the current CaRMS cycle. It allows applicants to undergo further clinical assessment.

The CAP is neither a training nor an observership period. Rather, it aims to provide Alberta residency programs further insight into a candidate’s theoretical knowledge, clinical judgment, and procedural skills, as well as their personal and professional attributes through practical assessments in a work-based context.

Participants will be assessed in the following areas:

  • Clinical history and examination
  • Clinical knowledge and reasoning
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism

Participants gain recent and relevant clinical experience in a Canadian context and receive a final report summarizing their clinical performance and capabilities as demonstrated during their placements. Participants are encouraged to attach their CAP Final Report to future CaRMS applications to highlight recent Canadian experience. The CAP is known to Alberta program directors, who see it as an asset in a candidate’s application. All Alberta Residency Programs with IMG-designated positions will be provided the list of previous CAP participants.

The CAP is an unpaid assessment placement opportunity, and the AIMG Program does not offer financial support to participants for travel or accommodation in the program.