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Clinical Assessment Placement

The Clinical Assessment Placement (CAP) is a supplementary assessment opportunity offered to a limited number of AIMG Program applicants who do not match to residency positions in the current CaRMS match.

The CAP is neither a training nor an observership period.  Rather, it aims to provide Alberta residency programs further insight into a candidate’s theoretical knowledge, clinical judgment, and procedural skills, as well as their personal and professional attributes through practical assessments in a work-based context.

Participants will be assessed in the following areas:

  1. Clinical history and examination
  2. Clinical knowledge and reasoning
  3. Communication skills
  4. Professionalism

Participants gain recent and relevant clinical experience in a Canadian context and receive a final report summarizing their clinical performance and capabilities as demonstrated during their placements.  Participants are encouraged to attach their CAP Final Report to future CaRMS applications to highlight recent Canadian experience.  The CAP is known to Alberta program directors, who see it as an asset in a candidate’s application.  All Alberta Residency Programs with IMG-designated positions will be provided the list of previous CAP participants.

NOTE:  The CAP is an unpaid assessment placement opportunity, and the AIMG Program does not offer financial support to participants for travel or accommodation in the program.

Participants are assigned a 4-week continuous assessment period consisting of two 2-week placements  in medical practices in Calgary, Edmonton, or a selection of rural locations in Alberta from July to October annually.  These placements will be in the field of family medicine/primary care, and may comprise of a combination of clinical office, hospital, long-term care, and outpatient settings.

Placements involve a minimum of 25 hours per week of supervised clinical practice, and schedules may vary significantly.  In family medicine clinic placements, schedules will likely be Monday to Friday day shifts.  While on assignment in hospital settings, shifts may vary and include weekends. 

A handbook will be emailed with further information on the CAP and details regarding the assessment process prior to the start of placements.

  • Recent and relevant clinical experience in Alberta
  • Opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, patient care skills, and clinical judgment in real-life situations in the Canadian medical system
  • Opportunities to refresh and enhance medical knowledge and skills
  • A final CAP performance report that could enhance future CaRMS applications

NOTE:  Participation in the CAP does not guarantee any participant a residency position in any future CaRMS match.

Participation is by invitation only. Invitations to apply to the CAP will be sent to eligible AIMG Program candidates who do not match in first Iteration the day following CaRMS R-1 Match Day of the current cycle.  Only those who were eligible for the current application cycle of the AIMG Program and have not previously committed to the CAP will be invited to apply for CAP positions.  Invitees must respond and confirm their desire to be considered for CAP.

Those who wish to participate in the CAP must ensure that they will be available for the entire 4-week assessment period.  Every effort will be made to assign participants their preferred blocks; however, this may not be possible for some participants. 

A random draw will be conducted from the pool of current cycle CAP applicants.  Selected participants will be contacted through email within a couple weeks of the R1 Main Residency CaRMS match (1st iteration).  If placements remain vacant after the initial draw, they may be offered to applicants on the waitlist.

NOTE:  Participants are NOT permitted to hold other clinically related employment during their period of placement.

Before beginning their CAP placements, participants must:

  1. Be licensed through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) for the entire duration of their CAP schedule*
  2. Possess medical liability insurance through the Canadian Medical Protective Agency for the duration of their placements (minimum two months of membership required)
  3. Obtain a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Search prior to the commencement of the program

It is the participant’s responsibility to apply, consolidate and submit the necessary documentation and pay all required fees. The fees total approximately $500 and the CAP positions are unpaid.  The AIMG Program does not subsidize any participant costs related to involvement in the CAP.  Participants are advised to consider seeking support from other entities and institutions.

*CPSA practice permit acquired for the CAP 2023 Cyle will not be recognized as an ELP exemption by CPSA for application to the AIMG Program 2024 Cycle. 


Throughout the placements, CAP participants are supervised by licensed physicians, and will be assessed at the level of an Alberta-trained graduating medical student, equivalent to R1, day 1, status.  Participants are assessed by at least one physician during each 2-week placement, using mini-clinical evaluation exercises (mini-CEX).

The AIMG Program recruits clinical assessors to participate.  Assessors are experienced practicing physicians committed to providing internationally-trained physicians with assessment opportunities within the Canadian context.  More information on standard CAP assessment tools will be provided in the CAP program handbook which will be emailed to all confirmed participants prior to the commencement of their placements.

NOTE:  CAP Participants are NOT permitted to request reference letters from their physician assessors.

A CAP final report is provided to each participant after the completion of their placements and assessments have been received from assessors.  The CAP final report will quantitatively and qualitatively summarize the participant’s clinical performance as demonstrated through their placements, based on ratings and comments from the assessing physicians.

Participants have the choice to share the CAP Final Report with prospective residency programs.  Participants should note that Alberta residency programs with IMG-designated positions will be provided the names of all previous CAP participants.