2022 Cycle: Details regarding Eligibility & Supporting Documents are in process. Important Dates & Deadlines have been posted here.

The Fine Print

Terms and Conditions

  • ALL AIMG PROGRAM DECISIONS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE.  AIMG Program eligibility criteria and application requirements are not negotiable.
  • Applicants are responsible for all travel and other related expenses associated with the application and assessment processes.
  • Any exceptions to the supporting document requirements must follow the administrative exception process. 
  • Original documents that are not in English must be translated by a certified translator. Copies of both the original document and the certified translation are required and must be notarized.
  • Documents requiring notarization must be notarized by a Notary Public in the province of Alberta. Documents certified by a Commissioner for Oaths will not be accepted. Please note that some documents must be notarized within a specified time frame. Refer to the Document Notarization section for these dates.
  • Paper supporting documents must be received as one complete package; single documents will not be processed.
  • Supporting documents included in an AIMG Program application package become the property of the AIMG Program and will NOT be returned to the applicant. The AIMG Program strongly recommends applicants keep a copy of their supporting documents package.
  • The application documents of unmatched applicants will be confidentially disposed of after the application period.
  • You may be required to submit additional documents or information in support of your application.

Change of Contact Information

If during the assessment cycle, your contact information changes from what was submitted on your online application form, please complete a Change of Information Form and submit it to the AIMG Program office.

Email address on online application form:

  • The AIMG Program uses the email address provided in the online application form to communicate with the applicant throughout the application and eligibility process. You must advise the AIMG Program if you change the email address to which the AIMG Program should send correspondence. Correspondence sent to the email address of record and left unread by an applicant will not be accepted as an excuse for missed deadline(s).


Rules of Conduct

Professional Standards

The AIMG Program is committed to providing a professional and safe learning and working environment, free of abuse and threats of abuse. Prospective applicants, applicants, candidates and Externs of the AIMG Program are required to behave in a professional manner. Honest, respectful communication and correspondence with AIMG Program staff and affiliates – in person, on the telephone, in emails, and any other form of interaction – before, during and after the assessment process are expected.

Prospective applicants and applicants understand that they are taking part in a confidential professional assessment process. Each individual is personally and professionally responsible to maintain the integrity of the assessment and their profession by conforming to the rules of conduct stipulated by the AIMG Program, and as applicable, those of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

NOTE: Visitors to the AIMG Program office must use the front entrance at HMRB G06.  Access to staff offices is restricted.  Unauthorized entry to staff offices is strictly prohibited.


In applying to participate in the AIMG Program, each applicant agrees to abide by all regulations, as well as oral and written instructions controlling the conduct of each stage of the AIMG Program assessment process. These regulations are intended to preserve the integrity of the AIMG Program by providing processes that yield valid and reliable results.

Applicants must not provide false information or make false statements on or in connection with application forms or any other AIMG Program-related documents. This includes all information related to any claims of Alberta residency, and all information related to the online application and supporting documents.

Assessment And Examination

AIMG Program candidates must abide by all regulations, as well as oral and written instructions controlling the conduct of each stage of the AIMG Program assessment process. Candidates must behave in a professional manner and refrain from irregular behaviours, including cheating.

Irregular behaviours include any actions that subvert or attempt to subvert the assessment process including but not limited to examinations.

Candidates will be observed at all times while they are taking examinations. These observations will include direct observation by invigilators and AIMG Program staff. Invigilators and staff may not necessarily inform candidates of their observations, but invigilators and staff are required to document any irregular behaviours observed and report their observations to the AIMG Program Examination Committee for action.

Candidates Must Therefore:
  • refrain from seeking and/or obtaining unauthorized access to examination materials at any time
  • refrain from disrupting fellow candidates during an assessment
  • refrain from giving, receiving and/or obtaining unauthorized assistance during an examination, or attempting to do so
  • refrain from making notes of any kind while in the secure areas of the test centre except on the writing materials provided at the examination for this purpose
  • leave all parts of the AIMG Program assessment materials, including personal notes candidates may have written during examinations, at the examination site
  • refrain from possession of any unauthorized materials including electronic, photographic, communication and/or recording devices (including but not limited to cell phones and voice recorders) during examinations
  • refrain from looking in the direction of another candidate’s paper, or talking to another candidate during the examination, or any other behaviour involving giving, receiving or obtaining unauthorized assistance during the examination
  • keep examination content confidential, following the exam. This includes not discussing the content with anyone who took the exam before you, with you or who has not yet taken the exam
  • realize that any recording of exam questions is strictly forbidden whether you intend to recreate parts of the examination or not
Disciplinary Procedures

Applicants and candidates acknowledge that their failure to behave in a professional manner and to adhere to the rules of conduct stipulated by the AIMG Program may be deemed sufficient cause for termination of their participation in the current AIMG Program assessment cycle, as well as possible prevention from participation in future AIMG Program assessment cycles.

Note: Applicants are required to agree to the Rules of Conduct as part of the online application submission process.

Privacy Policy

The Alberta International Medical Graduate Program (AIMG Program) application portal collects applicant information in several parts. The AIMG Program Privacy Policy applies to all parts of the application portal.

Privacy Policy: Information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It is required to evaluate your application for admission to the AIMG Program. If admitted, it will form part of the AIMG Program record. Specific data elements will be disclosed to the provincial and federal governments to meet reporting requirements.

Please note that the information may be disclosed to other health care and regulatory bodies: names of applicants, dates of application and assessments, and residency program. All other data is considered confidential and will be used and disclosed in accordance with privacy legislation.

If you have any questions about the collection or use of this information, contact the AIMG Program office, (403) 210-7790 or aimg@ucalgary.ca.