2022 Cycle: Details regarding Eligibility & Supporting Documents are in process. Important Dates & Deadlines have been posted here.

Program Cycle

Applicants must have a passing grade on the MCCQE Part 1 and MCC NAC Exam to be eligible for the AIMG Program. Refer to Exam Timelines for the last possible exam dates to be eligible for the current match cycle. More information on the exams can be found on the Medical Council of Canada’s website mcc.ca

Online Application:

Portal opens in May and remains open for 3 to 4 weeks.

File Review:

Applications and supporting documents are reviewed to determine applicant eligibility to proceed to further assessments.

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Applicants who are eligible will be invited to participate in the MMI.

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Eligible applicants (with a successful NAC Exam result, successful MCCQE Part 1 result and a current cycle MMI score) may apply for Alberta residency positions at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary reserved for AIMG Program applicants via the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

Residency Program Interviews

CaRMS applications are reviewed by the various postgraduate medical education programs. These programs determine if they require personal interviews and will contact the applicants whom they choose to interview directly.


Following residency program interviews, applicants and programs submit their rankings to CaRMS. Once rankings are submitted, the match process takes place and applicants and programs are notified of results. There are two iterations of the match process; only unmatched applicants from the first iteration may participate in the second iteration.

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Successfully matched AIMG Program applicants participate in an Externship which includes a series of orientation sessions and a clinical assessment period. Acceptance into the CaRMS matched residency program is dependent upon successful completion of Externship.

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Residency begins in July for candidates who successfully complete Externship.

Clinical Assessment Placement

The Clinical Assessment Placement (CAP) is a supplementary assessment opportunity offered to a limited number of AIMG Program applicants who do not match to residency positions in the current CaRMS match. The CAP allows participants to gain recent and relevant clinical experience in a Canadian context and receive a final report summarizing their clinical performance and capabilities as demonstrated during the placements.