2022 Cycle: Important change to IELTS supporting document deadline, see here.
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Online Application User Guide

  1. Click on "Login" (red button, upper right of screen) to go to the AIMG Program application portal.
  2. The first time you visit the portal, select ‘Create a Profile’ and register for a user name, password and ID number. See Notes below.
  3. An email will be sent to you with the subject line “Confirm your AIMG Program registration”.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your registration.
  5. Return to the AIMG Program application portal and sign in.
  6. Select Maintain Profile. This feature allows you to save details required for an AIMG Program application within the portal before actually beginning an application (i.e. personal and contact information, CAP participation dates, medical school history, MCC ID numbers, MCC Exam dates and scores.) The more complete your user profile, the easier it will be to complete the online application form. Please be aware that the user profile form IS NOT the application form.
  7. Data in your user profile will autofill into your online application form and be present for you to review and change before submission.
  8. It is not required to complete a user profile before starting an application.
  9. User profile data can be updated and saved at any time. Application forms must be completed in their entirety and submitted during a single online session.
  10. During the AIMG Program application open period, have your IELTS Academic Test form handy (if applicable), and Sign In to the application portal.
    • Select ‘Start Application’.
    • Read the ‘Before You Begin’ page and determine if you wish to proceed with an application.
    • If you choose to proceed, whatever information is in your user profile will be copied into the application form.
    • Answer the Program eligibility questions and add any missing information.
    • Please review the data that populates into your online application and make any required changes on the application page before submission.
    • As a general rule, do not accept the data auto-filled by your browser as it may overwrite what was copied from your User Profile or entered by you earlier in the application form.
    • Check your application carefully for completeness and accuracy. There is no mechanism to make changes to the form once submitted.
    • Submit application. Click on "Submit Application" (red button at the bottom left of the screen.)
  11. You will receive an email from aimg@ucalgary.ca confirming receipt of your online application form.


  1. User names and passwords from 2018 and earlier match cycles are no longer registered. If you are a first-time applicant or if the last time you applied to the AIMG Program was in 2017 or earlier, you will need to go to “Create a Profile” (create a user name and password), before you can sign in and begin an online application.
  2. Your email address cannot be updated on the application form. If the email address shown is not correct, go to Maintain Profile and change it before proceeding further with the application form.
  3. Capitalization of names and words will not be altered by the AIMG Program. Please use appropriate capitalization in your responses.