2022 Cycle: Details regarding Eligibility & Supporting Documents are in process. Important Dates & Deadlines have been posted here.

Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS)

Only applicants whom the AIMG Program has deemed eligible are able to apply to Alberta IMG-designated residency positions in the first and second iteration CaRMS matches. To be considered for these positions, all IMGs (including those in their final year of medical school outside of Canada or the United States) must apply to, and be assessed by, the AIMG Program.

NOTE: Applicants are solely responsible for arranging their transportation to interviews requested by the residency program(s).

Available Positions

Program descriptions for R-1 Main Residency Match positions can be found on the CaRMS website. Information is generally available 6 months before Match Day.

The AIMG Program provides CaRMS with the list of applicants who meet all AIMG Program requirements for Alberta IMG-designated residency positions. This does not affect the applicant’s ability to apply through CaRMS for a residency match outside Alberta.

CaRMS Application

To participate in the CaRMS match for IMG-designated residency positions in Alberta, all IMGs (including those in their final year of medical school outside of Canada or the United States) must apply to and be assessed by the AIMG Program and must also register for the CaRMS match. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to apply to and complete the CaRMS application process and supply all documents required by CaRMS.

Document Forwarding

The AIMG Program no longer forwards documents to CaRMS on your behalf.

Applicants are responsible for the timely upload of their Multiple Mini Interview Result and/or their Final CAP Report and verifying that it displays correctly in their CaRMS Online application. Residency programs will review and verify the results with the AIMG Program.

Residency Program Interviews

CaRMS applications are reviewed by the various postgraduate medical education programs. These programs determine if they require personal interviews and will contact the applicants whom they choose to interview directly.


Following residency program interviews, applicants and programs submit their rankings to CaRMS. Once rankings are submitted, the match process takes place and applicants and programs are notified of results. There are two iterations of the match process; only unmatched applicants from the first iteration may participate in the second iteration.

CaRMS 2nd Iteration

Alberta IMGs who successfully complete the AIMG Program assessment phase but are not matched to a residency program in the CaRMS 1st iteration match are the only candidates eligible to apply to the CaRMS 2nd iteration match for residency training in Alberta in the same cycle year.

CaRMS sends an email to applicants eligible for second iteration on how to start their second iteration application.